Garnet and Lava Bracelet

Designer: Lia Lubiana

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Etna Collection

Mount Etna is an active volcano on the east coast of Sicily between the cities of Messina and Catania. Etna is the highest volcano in Europe and is one of the most active in the world. With my grandparents being from Sicily, this one is very special to me; I visited a few years back and was in awe of the beauty of such a powerful force of nature. You could even say through a seemingly destructive act comes reconstruction and creation in its stead. Crafted with Garnet, Pink Lava and hand wired Bali beads this bracelet is the perfect statement piece. 

Bali Beads: These beautiful handcrafted beads are a highly developed art form in Bali and is a source of local pride. Hand wired by Balinese silversmiths, each piece is made by hand using primitive tools, so a lot of work and detail goes into each bead. Purchasing these genuine Bali beads helps sustain a traditional craft and provides Balinese silversmiths with a reliable source of income.

Rose Gold vermeil is an overlay of rose gold over a base of sterling silver and requires special care. To extend the life of your rose gold vermeil jewelry, remove when washing hands, showering, applying lotions or perfumes, using harsh cleansers, or working out. Always store your jewelry in a dry place, preferably in individual air-tight bags. Do not use chemical jewelry cleansers or polishing cloths on gold or rose gold vermeil jewelry. Rose gold vermeil jewelry will inevitably fade to a warm silver or a light rose gold colour. This is the nature of plated jewelry. The rate of wear depends on care, climate and individual body chemistry, and may vary greatly on a case by case basis. We do not offer re-plating of our rose gold vermeil designs and all sales of rose gold vermeil jewelry are final.

Garnet: Success - Productivity - Strength

Garnet is often known as the stone for successful business. Its colour is believed to attract prosperity and abundance. Studying legends and folklore literature, you will find garnet among the most ancient talismans, especially by warriors in battle-fields. In Europe during the middle ages, Garnet was used to enhance truth. Garnet is found in Madagascar, South Africa, Tanzania and USA.

Lava: Grounding - Cleansing - Strength

These stones are found all around the world and are one of the oldest and most abundant minerals on Earth. Lava stone comes from the core of the earth- fiery brimstone that bubbles to the surface and cools. Its origins play a key roll in the stone’s healing properties. Lava Stone is famous for its grounding and calming qualities that can teach us about depth, intensity, and change. This stone has the fire power to pull you back completely, while bringing you down to earth.

Handcrafted stretch beaded bracelets crafted with genuine Garnet gemstones and Pink Lava. These healing crystals make the perfect stacking bracelets - or wear them on their own to dress up any outfit.

Handmade in Canada